working at zoey + joey

Why is zoey + joey an awesome place to work?


You've probably heard of zoey + joey before, but you dismissed us or didn't pay us much attention because we're only a "children's salon".  

Perhaps what you didn't know is that zoey + joey is a pretty cool place, and a it's a pretty awesome place to work.  

We believe that Cosmetology doesn't have to have frequent turn-over, can be a positive work environment, and that there is a good place for stylists other than high-end women's salons or walk-in 10-minute haircut establishments.  

Do you like to have fun at work, and do you like to do fun + trendy cuts? Well then keep reading...

We are a team of hand-picked, talented stylists, who do stylish cuts on kids as well as adults.  The cuts we do are trendy + fun, and are often topped off with temporary color like zach's wax (link) or joico spray in color (link).

We have become so popular that parents drive 1 hour or more to see us, and even bypass other children's hair salons.  

It is very rewarding working at zoey + joey; we get to make people feel good about themselves and we even help families who have special needs.  We give all of our customers a great experience, and our customers can't say enough great things about us!

At zoey + joey, you can truly make a difference: we are a fast-growing company, started locally in Ann Arbor, and there are opportunities for growth.

How would you like to work closely with the owner and influence decisions and help shape + form the company as it grows?  This is a rare opportunity, and doesn't come around often.

You can be a part of building a new brand, having a direct part in helping a company grow, have your voice heard, and make a positive impact on families in the community.

So if you're ready for a fun and rewarding job with great opportunities, check out our current openings at the link below!

Don't just take our word for it! See what our stylists have to say...

" I love working at zoey + joey because of the calm and caring environment not only for the guests, but for the employees, too. I feel like I am a part of a great team and we all put the same amount of work in together and respect each other in the workplace. "The kids bring me such joy when they have fun and look adorable after their haircuts! I learn so much during the times of difficulty when we need to problem solve and work with parents to get a haircut finished."

"I am so happy I found zoey + joey! The pay is great, the staff is awesome, and the clients are so friendly! The salon is cute and the cuts that the kid's request are stylish and fun. "ZJ offers an hourly base rate, plus retail commission and weekly cash bonuses, which makes the hourly wage a bit higher than other salons. I can work less hours and make more money!"

"The salon also takes care of all advertising and marketing, so it is easy to build a clientele. I built a full clientele of children and adults in just a couple of months. The owner is very involved and cares about the employees, which shows in the positive work environment and the overall care and maintenance of the salon. Coming to work is fun & I enjoy all of my co-workers. This is a great place to consider for a long term career!"

"Staff is friendly, welcoming, and fun. It is a plus to work in an eco-friendly and animal-friendly environment. The owner is involved in both locations' daily operations, easy to get a hold of, accommodating, and knowledgeable. "

"I built a clientele of super cute kids (and wonderful adults) quickly and rarely have slow days. The hourly pay is fair, commission is high compared to most salons, weekly and monthly cash bonuses are a plus, tips are very good (cash tips daily credit card tips with paycheck). "

"The salon is well maintained, organized, and clean. It's a great place to work if you are looking for something long term. I have fun every day I go to work thanks to my coworkers and clientele"