services + Pricing

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baby’s first haircut (Must be Age 0-2 and first professional haircut. Includes certificate + locket of hair)


bang trim


kids under 5 (Age 0-4)(wash not included)




kids under 5 (Age 0-4) with wash

kids 5 and up  (Age 5-12) 
(Includes wash/condition + blow dry/style)

teen + adult clipper cut (Age 13 and up) 


teen + adult scissor cut: short (Age 13 and up) (ends at chin or above)


teen + adult scissor cut: short, difficult (Age 13 and up)  (ends at chin or above) 


teen + adult scissor cut: medium (Age 13 and up) (ends between collar bone + chin)


teen + adult scissor cut: long (Age 13 and up) (ends below collar bone)

(All teen + adult services include wash/condition + blow dry/style and are based on length of hair at end of service).


$10.00 and up

hair braiding (phone consult required, please call Studio)

$27.00 and up

hair styling (phone consult required, please call Studio) (wash not included) 

$17.00* and up

kids’ blowout (Age 0-9, includes wash + blow dry) 

$23.00* and up

blowout (Age 10 and up, includes wash + blow dry) 


in-salon consultation (for braiding/updo, per 10 min) 



add-on wash for kids under 5 (no blow dry) 


add-on temporary color (with cut) 


add-on Malibu treatment (with cut, includes blow dry) 


extended service (extra charge, per 10 min)


malibu swimmer's treatment (no cut, includes blow dry)


temporary color by itself (no cut)

*This service may include an extra charge (extended service) for extra time used for detailing, finishing, thickness or length.  At discretion of Stylist and Studio.

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