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preparing for your first visit to zoey + joey

about our rewards program

tips for preventing lice

tips for swimmer's hair

Preparing for Your First Visit


Your first visit to zoey + joey:

Arrive early for your appointment.
Be prepared! Consider coming in before your appointment so your child can get used to the new environment, look around, and start to feel comfortable.

Make sure your child is well-rested.
Happy, rested and well-fed kids have longer attention spans.  It’s best not to come right before nap-time.

Bring something to keep your child entertained.
We have plenty of toys + books and other items to keep them distracted, but feel free to bring something special from home if you think it will help.  Kids are always welcome to hold onto a special toy or item during the cut.

Let us know of any special considerations ahead of time, such as:

  • Special needs: Let us know if your child has any special needs; we will do everything we can to accomodate your little one to make sure he/she has the best experience possible.
  • Special events:  Have a special event coming up? Consider scheduling a few days before the event in case grandma wants another inch taken off, it’s a cranky day, or it’s an especially wiggly day.
  • Your child is always "wiggly": Is your child always wiggly?  Let us know.  When the parent or guardian and stylist work together as a team, good things can happen.  Although we have lots of experience and ideas, only you know what will work best for your child. Sometimes it helps if a second adult comes to help.

    Remember: we have a 7-day satisfaction policy, where if we are unable to get through the entire haircut, or you need something fixed, we will gladly see you back within 7 days, free of charge. (Just call ahead to let us know you’re coming!)

Rewards program

about our rewards program

At zoey + joey, we use for our Rewards program.  You earn 10 points for each haircut received, and after 10 haircuts or 100 points you receive an email certificate for a free haircut.  This can be redeemed on any haircut you choose.

Each customer is supposed to receive an offer from Perkville to join the zoey + joey Rewards program; if you have not received this after your first visit, you may want to check your Spam folder.

If you have not signed up for zoey + joey haircut Rewards and would like to do so, you can visit and receive 20 points just for signing up.

new customer referral points

Go to to refer a new customer who has never been to zoey + joey, and after their visit, you automatically receive 100 points into your account (a free haircut!) 

*The email address you enter must be the same email address used when visiting zoey + joey.  

families with multiple members

Currently Perkville only gives points for one email address, but we are more than happy to manually add points to your account for multiple children.  Please let us know at the front desk when you check out, speak to a Manager, or send us a message by email.


Avoiding lice


Note: zoey + joey does not treat lice and we are unable to perform a service if lice is found

Lice is a fact of life, especially when your child starts school.  You may get the dreadful “there has been a case of lice in your child’s classroom” letter home from your child’s teacher.  Getting lice is common, is nothing to be ashamed of, and lice actually prefer clean hair.  At zoey + joey we see an increase in lice cases in late summer and early fall at the start of school.


Tips on how to prevent lice:

  • Teach your kids to avoid sharing hats, sweaters or hairbrushes.  Lice cannot jump but will transfer from direct contact.

  • Check your kids’ hair, especially behind the ears and at the nape of the neck.  Be on the lookout for itchy scalp and red spots.  Note: if you do find lice, remember that it will usually be very subtle, and may be hard to spot, or may be mistaken for something else. 
  • Don’t mistake a dry skin flake (dandruff) for lice.  A flake will come right off the hair shaft, but a nit (or lice egg) is sticky and will be hard to remove.
  • Use natural anti-lice shampoos and sprays containing tea tree oil or rosemary.  At zoey+ joey we sell Rosemary Repel Shampoo + Conditioner
  • If your daughter has long hair, consider sending her to school with braided hair. 
  •   If your child gets lice, zoey + joey sells Lice Good-bye, an all-natural treatment.  

We also recommend visiting Rapunzel’s Lice Boutique,

Lice can easily be mistaken for dandruff; look for red spots and white flakes that are sticky and tough to remove.

Lice can easily be mistaken for dandruff; look for red spots and white flakes that are sticky and tough to remove.

Rosemary Repel Shampoo + Conditioner for lice

Rosemary Repel Shampoo + Conditioner for lice

Lice Goody-bye, all natural treatment

Lice Goody-bye, all natural treatment


tips for swimmer's hair

What is Swimmer’s hair?

Swimmer’s hair is hair that has been damaged by chlorine and other pool chemicals.  The hair feels dry, brittle, and looks green or shiny.  When wet with water, it smells strongly of chlorine. 

Tips for Swimmer’s hair:

  • Wet your hair in the shower before your get in the pool or wear a swim cap.
  • Wash + condition your hair immediately after you swim. 
  • Use a Swimmer’s shampoo + conditioner.  At zoey + joey, we use Malibu Swimmer’s Shampoo. It is gentle enough to use every day, is 100% vegan and sulfate free.  We love it because it smells delicious and the shampoo also doubles as body wash.
  • We also provide Malibu treatments for hair damaged by chlorine.  It is gentle enough to use once per week, or you can wait until the end of the summer.  The treatment crystals remove the harsh chemicals from the pool or ocean, removes discoloration, and restores softness and shine.  The pasts is applied to wet hair, left on for 5 minutes, followed by Swimmer’s shampoo + conditioner.  
  • zoey+joey offers both stand-alone and add-on Malibu Swimmer's treatments.  View pricing and book your appointment here.
Hair damaged by chlorine and other pool chemicals known as swimmer's hair

Hair damaged by chlorine and other pool chemicals known as swimmer's hair

Malibu Swimmer's Shampoo + Conditioner

Malibu Swimmer's Shampoo + Conditioner

Malibu Treatment

Malibu Treatment