Rewards program

about our rewards program

At zoey + joey, we use for our Rewards program.  You earn 10 points for each haircut received, and after 10 haircuts or 100 points you receive an email certificate for a free haircut.  This can be redeemed on any haircut you choose.

Each customer is supposed to receive an offer from Perkville to join the zoey + joey Rewards program; if you have not received this after your first visit, you may want to check your Spam folder.

If you have not signed up for zoey + joey haircut Rewards and would like to do so, you can visit and receive 20 points just for signing up.

new customer referral points

Go to to refer a new customer who has never been to zoey + joey, and after their visit, you automatically receive 100 points into your account (a free haircut!) 

*The email address you enter must be the same email address used when visiting zoey + joey.  

families with multiple members

Currently Perkville only gives points for one email address, but we are more than happy to manually add points to your account for multiple children.  Please let us know at the front desk when you check out, speak to a Manager, or send us a message by email.